The OPSR assists the private sector in accessing FISCAL INCENTIVE AND TRADE CONCESSIONS offered by the Government of Saint Lucia. CLICK HERE to for more information on Access to Concessions.



Through the Private Sector Development Programme (PSDP), the OPSR provides assistance under three main areas, namely General Business Advisory Services, Direct Business Support Services (DBSS) and Business Environment Enhancement (BEE).

OCOP will develop a unique base of goods and services to be produced in five constituencies. Products and services will be selected according to the constituency’s natural and competitive advantages, as well as the national priorities for export development stated in the Saint Lucia National Export Strategy.


• Business counseling
• Assistance in accessing technical and financial assistance
• Saint Lucia Business Volunteer Technical Services


Assistance to Individual Firms

• Business Diagnosis
• Strategic Plan Design
• Strategic Plan Implementation in the following key areas:
1. Improving management and technical skills
2. Technological upgrading
3. Marketing and promotion
4. Product development and testing
5. Quality management/ standards and certification.

Micro and Small Enterprises (MSE)

• Developing business networks and clusters
• Support for business incubation
• Business registration and incorporation

Benchmarking Initiatives

• We encourage and support firms to utilize benchmarking as a tool for business improvement


Public Sector Level

• Capacity building and institutional strengthening activities - these aim to improve the capabilities of the public sector agencies in meeting the needs of its clientele, as well as improving the quality of dialogue between themselves and the private sector.
• Support for policy & legislative improvements, which are geared toward the development of an environment that is supportive and conducive to business.

Business Association Level

• Product & market development to facilitate the expansion of market access for services and products and the establishment of market intelligence support services, trade and payment facilitation.
• Human resource development to improve effective entrepreneurship and technical skills by providing high quality and well adapted training, technical assistance and consultation.
• Business cooperation/agreements to facilitate entrepreneurship by strategic alliances/joint venture partner search and technology transfer assistance.

The CLIMB Program

The CLIMB program incorporated elements of conventional business clusters and incubator models for the specific development of Medium Sized Enterprises (MSEs). Many MSEs are owned and staffed by women and directly impact the rural poor.

In all, the CLIMB program assisted sixty-one MSEs in five geographically diverse clusters. These MSEs were able to build capacity, improve operations, provide superior products and services and increase output – all of which ensure a higher level of sustainability. Ultimately, these MSE’s will continue to grow and remain profitable. As such, they will increase employment opportunities and improve the quality of life in rural communities.
The CLIMB programme was implemented over a two year-period, with a total expenditure of EC$650,000 - an average of EC$130,000 per cluster.


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